MetaCheckers – Kangaroo Edition

Greetings All,

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and I do apologize about the break in posting. Let’s just say that the end on 2017 was not the best for me and I am hoping 2018 is much better!

Today I get to bring you a mini review for a game called MetaCheckers – Kangaroo Edition by DREAMGAMES. I received this game for free in exchange for the chance to review it in an unbiased fashion. Enjoy!


MetaCheckers/MetaCheckers – Kangaroo Edition

2 Players

20 Minutes


Let me start off by being honest here. I am awful and chess and sadly it makes me not want to play chess very often with the exception of games like The Duke. I was super uncertain about this game upon looking at it and reading the rules. It is most definitely a game that you have to play to appreciate it. My son and my husband both like Chess so I figured if nothing else, I’d have two great playtesters.

MetaCheckers is  a chess variant using checkers and dice. The board is set up like a checkers board, but you do have your “King” exposed at the start of the game. You roll the dice every turn, should you roll a King on your first roll you can actually turn your King over to play in “Stealth Mode”, which obviously makes it harder for your opponent. It is possible to for both players to be in Stealth Mode. In the original version you get a D6 and a Chess die with chess symbols on it. You roll the die and based on the symbol rolled you can choose any of your pieces to move and act as that particular character would in chess (King, Queen, Rook… etc.). In Kangaroo Edition another die is added, the Kangaroo die. This die can be accessed by rolling a 6 during your turn and choosing the Kangaroo die instead of the Chess die. The Kangaroo die has 6 fun variations for moving. You have your Joker which serves as a wild meaning you can choose which standard chess move you’d like to use. The other pieces are non standard moves, for example – The Kangaroo symbol allows you to hope and land anywhere on the board, capturing any piece except for the King.

Now for the aesthetics. The board is actually made of a rather thin cloth and the pieces are contained in a thin cloth drawstring bag. The checkers pieces are good quality – one set tan and the other brown. The King pieces are engraved on the checkers. The dice are also nice quality with thin engraving. The rulebook is small and simple. Now here comes the part I’m not too fond of. The actual container for all of this is like a little Pringle can. The bottom and top pop can both act as lids, they are both removable, and the pop in and out.  I am not fond of this style. I didn’t like it when Steve Jackson Games used it for Zombie Dice and I don’t like it now. I have issues in the past with these type of containers being easily damaged and the lids just popping off in transit causing me to lose pieces. I am not saying this games container will have these, but I am saying that it does worry me.

The verdict… I actually really enjoyed the game. Much more than I thought I would. This is going to sound awful, but I think part of my problem with chess is that I get too flustered at the options, I second guess myself tons, and in the end I’m not having fun because I’m too worried about what the right move should have been. With this game there was less stress, I didn’t have worry about all of the options… just the option I rolled. I played both versions and I prefer Kangaroo Edition more. It didn’t add any stress, just fun. I think this is a great little game and would be a great addition to anyones travel collection.

Thank you DREAMGAMES for the chance to review this game! Thank you everyone for stopping by and until next time… Live by the board.