Meet “The Husband”!

Hello Readers,

Well, every other contributor wrote a profile article, suppose I should crank out one. I am “The Husband,” here’s hoping you find the aimless prattling about my the more hobby-centric portions of my life interesting. Either way, let’s kick thing’s off, shall we?

Due in no small part to my (almost 6 years older than me) brother, I’ve had an interest in “geek culture” since even the most early of my memories. I grew up playing on an Nintendo Entertainment System, reading comics, and playing parlor games with my family. During every family gathering (of which there were A LOT), I was forced onto a folding chair to be slid into whichever side of a card table needed a warm body in order to “fill out numbers.” Odd evenings spent being inundated with long diatribes about how my generation were a mouth breathing herd of degenerates…and being viciously obliterated at games of Skip-Bo (Mattel) or Phase 10 (Mattel). My initial impression of table top gaming was being voraciously descended on by 30-70 year olds whom wanted to impart on me some manner of comeuppance.

…I assure you, it gets better.

When I was much younger, my brother would take me on excursions to our friendly local comic shop, upon occasion…whenever my Mother would proclaim that she was weary of looking at her “little mistakes.” I swear, that joke gets funnier with time…no? O-okay… Regardless, this particular shop was my initial gateway to multiple things that would heavily influence my life. My first comic, first manga, first anime, and my first table top game that was all my own!

See, this shop generally kept primarily to selling trading cards and (the gorgeous and all too confusing for my young brain) Magic the Gathering (Wizards of the Coast) as its gaming contingent. However, one day I stumbled into the corner of the store furthest away from my precious “DC Dollar Bin…” and there it was… a wall of composed entirely of baggie games! That’s to say, games that were packed into moderately sized baggies, in lieu of boxes. As I scanned the wall, one game in particular caught my eye: Ogre – Pocket Edition! (Steve Jackson Games) Featured on its cover was a large, futuristic, hovering tank volleying bombs every which way but loose! My young brain was enthralled with the prospect of bombing the ever lovin’ ass out of everything! What’s more…it only cost $2.95! My brother, seeing an opportunity to circumvent possible begging, purchased the game for me…under the agreement that I shut up. It only took 3 bucks to buy me off as a child…oh how little has changed.

As I went through my preteen and early adolescent years I found myself drifting towards athletics, video games…and girls. Sure, I tried the occasional game here and there, sampled Settlers of Catan (Mayfair Games), played the occassional nondescript RPG, and the occassional collectible card game. But, primarily my hobbies were left in the electronic realm. Fast forward to age 18…when I suddenly became a Father of three. Now, it’s a safe assumption that children like video games, but there’s some connection that’s simply lacking on a digital medium. And that’s when I decided to give parlor games a try…I never knew Skip-Bo wasn’t terrible! It also helps when I’m the person verbally assailing the other players: “I haven’t seen such a crappy move since the last time I had to change your diaper! HA!”

My return to the hobby didn’t occur in earnest until I met my Wife, the blog author with whom you readers are so well acquainted. See, she encouraged me to seek out my interests and enjoy all of the things in life there weren’t previously available to me, for any number of reasons. I got back into comics, anime, and table top gaming. Less than a year after we initially became a coupling, I was already sonically berating her during games of Skip-Bo! Loyal readers, it was true love. Due to lovely programs like Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop and Tom Vasel’s Dice Tower channel, I had an amazing insight into the hobby that once intrigued me so much as a kid…and now financially cripples me as an adult.

Now my days consist of violently pacing around my table during a game of Disc Duelers (Level 99 Games), accusingly pointing at the horrible person who totally obstructs Las Vegas (anarchistic jerkfaces!) during a game of Ticket to Ride (Days of Wonder), or weepily staring bullet holes through the person who purchased the only large building that would allow me one final sliver of hope for victory in Puerto Rico (Rio Grande Games). Needless to say, I love it!

This hobby is a phenomenal one, filled with the highs of ravenously gathering up victory points one game, to the monumental lows of hearing the thunderous roar of your large Nordic friend (KYLE!) bellowing “Wu-Tang” as another player (SAM!) manages to Kill Doctor Lucky (Cheapass Games) with an overly tight hat. But, you know what’s even more phenomenal than this hobby? Having family and friends to share it with…and to verbally berate.

Thanks for reading.

– The Husband

International Tabletop Day!!

Greetings All,

I should have put this post up weeks ago, but I’ve been busy. International Tabletop Day is a wonderful holiday in which gamers everywhere spend the entire day playing. It takes place this Saturday, April 11th 2015. The website has an event finder which is awesome! Go take a look and see if you can find any participating people or shops in your area.

My family loves this holiday and we are having to events for it. Tomorrow we will be having an all adult “Pre-Tabletop Day” and Saturday we will play all day and night with our children. Whether your young or old games are universal. If you can’t find any participating places in your area, make your own event and celebrate this wonderful holiday!

Thank you for reading and until next time… Live by the Board.


Castle Panic Solo Mission Day: 1 (of 3)

Greetings All,

So I decided I would try a solo game of Castle Panic for those of you that can’t convince your family and friends to play a board game with you (I have the same issue). I am very fortunate to have a husband who loves board games.
For those of you that read my older post regarding Castle Panic, you should know this is one of my favorites. My husband and I have become so automated at the game that we play with every single piece. If you haven’t read the older post I suggest you do to get a better understanding of the game.

Castle Panic

-Castle Panic: 49 Monster Tokens (set up from the rule book)-

I literally played with the bare rules, no extra pieces no promos… just the standard rules.
Anyhow the rules differ a bit more than a multi-player game, particularly because there is no one to trade with.

Within my first three rotations I had already lost three of the six towers and two of the six walls. Considering the fact that if you lose all your towers you lose the game, it was not a good start. I was very convinced that I was going to lose.

The mechanics that go into a multiplayer game are far superior to that of a solo campaign. I still had fun, but the whole time I was mourning the absence of my partner, after all who wants to go on a monster murdering spree alone?

The picture below shows the turn right before the end of the game. I had two towers and one wall left. I had a Goblin with 1HP in the Knight ring of Green, a Troll with 3HP in the Archer ring of Green, a Orc with 1HP and the Goblin King with 1HP in the same Swordsman space in Red.

IMG_20141227_091157 (1)

I was scared as heck, BUT I got very lucky and drew two Red Swordsman cards and one Barbarian. (Barbarian is an instant kill) I took out the 3HP Troll with the Barbarian and the two monsters in Red with my two Red Swordsman. I also had a card called Drive Back, which drives one monster back to the forest! My next turn I got a Green Archer and was able to take out the last monster!!! I survived my first campaign with two towers and one wall. Ok so it wasn’t a great ending, but it was definitely a relieving one. It took me only twenty minutes to go through this solo campaign.

My opinion…? Do not play a solo mission if you have never played the game before. Having knowledge of the cards that could possibly show up really helps the strategy. At one point I had a card that I knew I could discard because I had yet to draw a card that could help me and there were only three cards left… I had good odds and luckily guessed right. I suggest giving this a try when you’re bored. It really was fun, regardless of how many times I had to wipe the sweat from my brow!

For more information about Castle Panic including Promotional items and expansions, I suggest checking out the Fireside website. That site also has a lot of reviews, including one from Tabletop w/ Wil Wheaton! Also check out Miniature Market for the best pricing. I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 2! Thank you for reading and until next time… Live by the Board.


Christmas Freebies


Greetings All,

I’m still working on my post regarding Recruiting New Gamers, however, I ran into an awesome deal from Days of Wonder. Days of Wonder are the creators of games such as: Ticket to Ride, Memoir 44, and Small World. Right now they have a great deal on their apps. Ticket to Ride is only $2.99 and Small World 2 is also $2.99. These apps are available for iPad, Android, and Steam! This awesome Christmas deal made me think of Christmas Board Game freebies, so please enjoy!

Big Fish Games has a holiday section thar features lots of board game relative freebies. has several printable Christmas games available. has a lot of Christmas Bingo printables available. also has some Christmas printables available, including a Christmas version of Scrabble!

Here are some cute printables I found while browsing:



castle_panic_snowflake_pattern (1)

I hope everyone enjoys these freebies. I will see you again soon with the winning post! 🙂 Happy Holidays! Until next time… Live by the Board.


Last day to vote on suggestions poll!

Greetings All,

Just a reminder today is the last day to vote on the suggestions poll. At midnight I’ll tabulate all of the votes and post them here tomorrow. Soon afterwards I’ll go ahead and start writing about the winning subject. Thank you all for taking the time to look at my blog and vote! Until next time… Live by the Board.


Christmas Games!

Greetings All,

Today I wanted to post some Christmas themed games for you holiday playing pleasure. 🙂


Many people are familiar with the popular card game Cards Against Humanity, they actually have Holidays Pack available for 2012 and 2013, they are $10 each. Please be warned that this is not a kid friendly game. Scroll to the bottom of their page for more information!


Do you want to be part of the Lollipop Guild? Munchkin is also a very popular game and has TONS of different versions. Munchkin has a version called Reindeer Games and another called Holiday Surprise. Steve Jackson’s website also has a list of other Munchkin Christmas Products. Go check them out, it’s all pretty cool. 🙂


Here’s a more family familiar game, Christmas-Opoly is exactly what it sounds like, a Christmas version of Monopoly. You can find it for sale on the Toys-R-Us website. Do Not Pass Go without checking this one out!


Is Christmas shopping making you want to say Good Grief? Well, now you can… with the Charlie Brown Christmas Board Game! 🙂 Check it out on Amazon!


12 Days is a neat little card game that you can purchase at DriveThruCards for $12 or print it for free from there as well. There is a fantastic play through you can view from Tabletop! 🙂


This is a different 12 Days of Christmas game, not to be confused with the one above. This one is a free print and play. Check it out!


Carcassonne is a great strategy game that just happens to have a beautiful Winter Edition… seriously thinking about adding this one to my Christmas list! 😉


The Christmas Game is a very different, very cute twist on Christmas Traditions! I haven’t tried it, but I’ve heard great things.


Fluxx is a game that has constantly changing rules! It is very fun! They have a Holiday Edition that I am just dying to try, I hope you are too!

-Now switching pace to Holiday RPGs-


I’m not sure if anyone is familiar with Fiasco, but it’s a really cool RPG and I found where someone made a holiday version called Holly Jolly. We have Fiasco and definitely will be saving the link! 🙂


This is ADORABLE, someone made a holiday RPG dungeon! Ahh! 🙂 Check it out! It’s called The House on Christmas Hill!


Lastly Castle Panic has an adorable Snowflake that is shaped like the Castle Towers! As seen above!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Until next time… Live by the Board!