I’m Back.

Hello Everyone!

So I haven’t posted since December 2015. Since then I have had a baby, we named him Rayner after Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. He will be one next month. I got a puppy the month before my son was born, we named him Ganthet whom is a Guardian of the Universe and has been a sort of protector to Kyle Rayner… seemed like a good fit for them to grow up together.

I went through a bit of a depression… babies are so freaking expensive! I moved, got a new job, and am in a much better place emotionally. Going from having three older independent kids to having a baby was a huge change, for everyone. My sons siblings had a rough time adjusting to being figures to look up to and my husband and I had a rough time giving up so much free time. We have all since come into our roles much better.

Anyway, one of my New Years Resolutions was to be active on this blog, I had fun doing it. My husband pointed out that I didn’t put any emotion into the blog before, I focused too much on what I thought I should write. Honestly board games mean something different to me than just plain fun and I have decided I’ll begin to dive into that and I hope all of you will take that journey with me.

Thank you to everyone that continued to message me after I quit writing. I really appreciate it. And until next time… Live by the board.