Black Friday Board Game Sales!

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Just a quick post to put up some links for Black Friday Board Game Sales!

Ravensburger – Makers of the game Labyrinth.

Noble Knight Games – Known for supplying out of print board games. One of my favorite sites.

Miniature Market – Has a wide variety of games. Best prices on the internet!

Cool Stuff Inc – Has a lot of the popular and most demanded games.

Cardhaus – Good collection of games.

Toys R Us – Do I really have to explain them?

Amazon – Again, do I need to explain?

If I come across anymore board game deals I’ll update the list. Happy hunting! ๐Ÿ™‚ Until next time Happy Thanksgiving and Live by the Board.


The Village Crone

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I know I said I would be doing a series of Sentinels of the Multiverse characters, but I figured it’s Halloween and I should really do something to compliment the holiday. I will still be continuing my SotM series in the future. ๐Ÿ™‚


The Village Crone by Fireside Games

1-6 players, 60-90 minutes

This game takes place in the village of Wikersby, where you will be competing to be The Village Crone. There are six different locations in Wikersby, but there only four that contain different ingredients for your spells. This game has six different witches to choose from as your character, however, the only thing that differs between characters are their familiars. Each witch receives a spell book which contains the same exact spells in each one. The goal of this game is to be the first witch to earn 13 points. Points are earned by completing tasks from the three different Scheme card decks. The three decks are arranged by points – 1, 2 & 3 point cards. All of the Scheme cards involve a variety of tasks that can be completed by getting ingredients via your familiars and casting spells. Most of the spells have to do with the villagers whom all have specific places they start in the game. Ex: Blacksmith starts in The Forge. The biggest thing about the spells is that you actually have to say the spell out loud for it to take effect. If another player catches you not saying the spell they can call you out and your spell fails.

Now admittedly I’ve only played this game a handful of times and the first play through was mostly spent trying to figure everything out, but I can honestly say I already love this game. I love Fireside Games (Castle Panic) and this game is a nice change from Fireside’s usual co-op to a game where you’re competing. Once you get the hang of everything the game goes really smoothly and you really start to get into the idea of being The Village Crone. It’s a great competitive game because you can make it as relaxed or as intense as you’d like. If you want to be cut throat at the game it is extremely possible and if you want to occasionally work with another player to move forward in the game you can do that as well.

The Village Crone is more affordable on Miniature Market, BUT I am very much so about supporting Fireside on their website not to mention if you buy the game from Fireside you always get the Silver Piece coaster promo for free. The promo is not currently available anywhere else.

I hope you enjoyed this mini review. Have a safe andย Happy Halloween.ย If you liked this review and want to be kept up to date please follow my page and like me on Facebook. Until next time… Live by the Board.


10% off Clearance Section at Miniature Market!

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Miniature Market is notorious for their great prices and the have a special going until this coming Sunday.m Go check out their clearance section and get an additional 10% off! I highly suggest checking out Fantasy, which I’ve reviewed on here before! Happy Hunting!

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Games for Fools!

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I thought since tomorrow is April Fools Day, I’d post about some board games that really make people feel foolish. These descriptions will not be horribly in-depth, as there are so many and they have been featured here before. I hope you enjoy!


-Fluxx by Looney Labs

2-5 Players, 5-30mins

Fluxx is a fantastic game in which the rules are always changing. All games start with standard rules like draw one, play one. The objective is to finish goals based on what goal is on the table at that time. Keepers are cards that you collect to win the game. I love this game, because as soon as you have the proper Keepers to finish the current goal… the goal gets changed, leaving you feeling quite foolish. There are many different versions of Fluxx available. When we first tried, we purchased Family Fluxx, and have now added Cthulhu Fluxx and Regular Show Fluxx to our collection. I highly suggest picking your favorite subject in the collection. Having a Fluxx version that fits your personality makes it just that much better. Miniature Market has a great deal on them! ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy!


-We Didn’t Playtest This by Asmadi Games

2-15 Players, 1-5mins

We Didn’t Playtest This is a nice goofy series of games that are completely based on nonsense. I really do not know any other way to explain it…. it’s nonsense. Some cards say things like “If you’re the last girl in the game, you win.” It’s that simple. I freaking love it. It’s a great way to pass the time and as nonsensical as it is, when you’re in the middle of the game it makes perfect sense. The Asmadi Games site has four of the games and a great deal if you buy all four at once, but if you’re looking for a cheaper route you can check out Miniature Market, although the only have three of the games. Just be warned the Banana is not included. Don’t get that joke? Well, go buy the game and get back with me! ๐Ÿ™‚


-Poo The Card Game by Wildfire-

2-8 Players, 5-15 Mins

Poo is a great little game that consists of Monkeys throwing poo at each other. There a varying levels of poo and cards that can clean poo off of you. When a player accumulates 15 poo, they’re out the game. The object of the game is to be the last smelly monkey standing. This game is incredibly fun and has the funniest names for the cards… Give it a shot, I promise you won’t be flushing your money. ๐Ÿ™‚ Get it? Ha… I’m great. ๐Ÿ™‚ Amazon has it for a lovely little price and free shipping.


-Nuts by Wildfire-

2-6 Players, 5-15 Mins

Nuts is a great little game that is also by Wildfire Games. In this game you are Squirrels stealing each others nuts. It’s fairly similar to Poo. This is also a fun way to pass the time. ย Every turn you draw a nuts card and then you get the opportunity to steal nuts from one or more players. There are cards that allow you to block these attempts as well. Check it out and go…. Crazy, thought I was going to say Nuts didn’t you? I was… ๐Ÿ™‚ Amazon has a good deal on Nuts, unless you’d like to wait for Miniature Market to restock.

Enjoy you April Fools Day shenanigans! Until next time… Live by the Board.


Miniature Market March Madness Sale!

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I just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that Miniature Market is having a March Madness Sale right now! The have a lot of games and miniatures with huge price cuts! I got extremely bummed out when I saw this because my daughter’s birthday is coming up so I can’t splurge on clearance games. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Anyhow I am a firm believer in getting a great deal, especially with how expensive board games are normally. Good luck everyone!! Have a good weekend and until next time… Live by the Board.


Ticket to Ride Review

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As requested I am reviewing one of my favorite games Ticket to Ride from Days of Wonder. Ticket to Ride is competitive game in which players are creating train routes in order to gain points. I will not include the rules in this post, as I will be including a link to see the rules, reviews, and prices. I apologize it took so long to post this review.

Ticket to Ride has a ridiculous amount of editions and expansions, it’s awesome. Days of Wonder also offers online play. The app is available through iTunes and Google play. Before continuing, I strongly suggest taking a look at the short rules on the Days of Wonder website.

Ticket to Ride by Days of Wonder

2-5 Players, 30-60 Minutes


For simplicity sake, I am only reviewing Ticket to Ride US Map and Ticket to Ride USA 1910 expansion. The 1910 expansion comes with extra routes and bigger cards. The standard Ticket to Ride has tiny cards that are a bit difficult to shuffle.

This game offers such an amazing challenge, every play is different which allows endless fun. There are destination tickets that we draw in order to figure out where we are going. It all sounds very simple until someone takes a route you’ve been saving up for during your last few turns. Most of the time it is possible to reach your destinations even if you get blocked, but in the painful instance that you are unable to complete a destination ticket, those points count against you in the end. Each completed ticket is added to score at the end. For the standard Ticket to Ride there is a bonus for longest route and for the 1910 expansion there is also a bonus for the most completed tickets.

I would love to pinpoint the exact reason that I love this game so much, but I can’t. It’s Ticket to Ride. The first time I played it, I realized that I couldn’t stop. The art is beautiful, the game play is great, and although drawing train cards is luck based there is a lot of skill that goes into combining your tickets to get the most points possible. After playing the game a few times, you can pretty much predict which routes your competition have. Predicting really helps avoid getting your routes taken by others. It is the perfect balance between luck and skill.

My children also love Ticket to Ride, it’s something that they latched onto right away. It is a family time favorite and I am so grateful for that. Our kids like competition, but they also get frustrated when they do not win. Having a game like Ticket to Ride is great because the kids don’t get frustrated with it. They have fun even when they’re behind on points.

To sum it up, Ticket to Ride is complex enough for endless adult play and simple enough for the whole family to enjoy. It’s offers a challenge for new and veteran gamers alike. I can honestly say I didn’t realize something was missing from life until I played Ticket to Ride.ย If you liked this review and want to be kept up to date please follow my page and like me on Facebook. Until next time… Live by the Board.


Board Game Contests

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Just a short post today. I am going to start making mini posts whenever a board game contest comes up or a fantastic deal. That said, in case I haven’t mentioned this before. Be sure to subscribe to the Miniature Market newsletter, they always have a Deal of the Day. ๐Ÿ™‚ is having a 2015 Challenge. There is the normal challenge and the hardcore challenge. We are doing the hardcore challenge. You should really check it out. Essentially, you play ten games ten times each throughout 2015 for the chance to win some board games and geek gold. When we officially choose the games that we will be playing, I’ll let you guys know.

Passport Game Studios is having a contest tomorrow to win one of their three new games!

Also you should check out this cute parody of Do you want to build a snowman? Entitled Do You Want to Play a Board Game?

I hope every enters the contests, nothing beats free stuff! I’ll post again soon regarding the subject of Hospital Gaming! Thank you for looking and until next time… Live by the Board.