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Greetings All,

Today it is my pleasure to bring you a “punny” little card game that I actually really enjoyed called Cats. Over the winter break our household had quite a bit of unfortunate distraction and we are still trying to get caught back up on our requested reviews. That said, this month we will be skipping the “Industry Interviews” segment to try to get caught up. Our next review will be a super sized one as it will feature three games from one company! Anyhow, please stick around the review!

CATS a sad but necessary cycle of violent predatory behavior.

3-5 Players

15-20 Minutes

DPH Games


CATS is a fun little card game in which you and your tablemates are playing as neighborhood cats trying to capture and subsequently eat the neighborhood birds. This is done by utilizing actions like: catch, stalk, steal, taunt, and eat. Smaller birds can be easily caught, however, larger birds will need to stalked first. Eaten birds will give you enjoyment points and at the end of the game whichever cat has the most points wins. Upon catching a bird, people can attempt to steal the bird from you, so you have to be careful. The actions I mentioned above are all played in order after everyone at the table simultaneously flips their cards. Sounds simple right? Especially because the eat option get played before the steal option, so if you’re quick enough you can keep the cards you’ve captured for the most part. This is where it gets interesting, taunting a bird allows you to double your enjoyment points and possibly give you one heck of a lead at the table, but doing this action does leave you open to having that bird stolen. This is where bluffing comes in handy. If you’ve got a good enough poker face, the other cats may very well not bother you.

The largest part of this game is trying to anticipate what moves the other “cats” will make and bluffing your way past their guesses. I will be honest here, I am not much for bluffing games or social deduction games, but this game is quite fun. Between needing to be quick on your feet and the amazing puns in this game, it’s a keeper. So if you haven’t noticed from reading some of my husbands posts, we are big pun fans and I believe that is how this game won its permanent spot on our shelves. I’m including some pictures of the punderful cards, make sure you also take a look at their scientific names as well.

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Some of you may be looking at this and thinking I swear I’ve played this before, but it wasn’t called CATS. Well you’re probably right. Originally this game was named ‘FLIP’ the Bird (pictured above). Another delightfully fun name, right? I do feel that the new name (CATS a sad but necessary¬†cycle of violent predatory behavior) fits waaay better with the over all feel of this game. I hope you all enjoyed this mini review and I’d like to thank DPH Games for letting me review CATS. Until next time… Live by the Board.