Anniversary Prep – Husband edition vol 2!

Good evening loyal readers!  …I WILDLY regret announcing my project!  In the interest of transparency, let me explain.  I’m not going to say I underestimated the scope of the project at hand, however…I did not anticipate the amount of busy work this would entail.

For instance, I am not an artist.  It never even registered to me that I’d need to confer with any sort of application that would require I create a scene or image freehand.  The end product of my first MS Paint images looked like the initial phase of rehab for a traumatic brain injury.  Not pretty to say the least.  It was very surprising just how much time was lost to this endeavor, to the pursuit of making images that didn’t look like finger paint therapy for the criminally insane.
The second major issue came in the form of a problem I’d not dealt with for quite some time…being properly articulate and elaborate.  I finished the story draft for the first two chapters fairly quickly, maybe a few hours tops. Upon proofing them for application into an articulated story…it read like the script to a 2003 movie vehicle starring Shia LaBouf…it had “Holes,” dude!  (For all 3 of you out there who caught that reference, thank you for judging me only passively.)  Either way, revisions galore on my end.
And, the real obstacle in all of this, an overabundance of overtime at work.  There was about a month and a half period where I was working LITERALLY HALF of the time.  For clarity, that’s 12 hours a day, every day, for many consecutive weeks.  Without being overly verbose about it, it was conducive to the creative process.  Luckily, this appears to be ending soon…or at least slowing down.
Thank you all for suffering my list of excuses and (hopefully) not judging me for God awful references.  Hopefully the next update comes with proper progress, or maybe even SOMETHING being totally completed.
Until next time, insert a cliche sign off catchphrase here.

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