Anniversary Prep – Husband edition!

Hi, loyal readers!

The wife and I have a lovely milestone looming on the horizon, our 5th year wedding anniversary!  So, in lieu of hyper frugality *cough-ostensible-poverty-cough* we decided to make our own mini expansions for some of the games we really love.  Since this is something of a new horizon for both of us (her), we also decided to pick games that emphasized narrative elements in their overall gameplay.  With this criteria, I INSTANTLY chose one of my (our) all-time favorites: Mice and Mystics.  This decision was all the easier to make when you bear in mind that my Wife LOOO-OOOVES one of the central characters of the games.  Now, Mice and Mystics is a game that is very heavy on magic and medieval theme, and using a fixed narrative as a the central mechanic of the whole game.  This made my job CAKE.  Now, you may be asking yourself: “Why in the blue hell is this guy spilling all of the beans about an anniversary gift that’ll be displayed for just anyone to read on the internet?” …shutup you digitally disembodied jerkface, we thought of this little caveat.  These posts will serve more as status updates coupled with non-spoilery details.  With all of this in mind, let’s jump right in to my first update.

I instantly wanted make a story deliberately for my Wife, something that would stay were her a little longer than a more superficial story.  So, I chose to fixate on her favorite character: Filch, the thief.  She absolutely LOVES him!  In fact, lemme give you a little perspective.  Mice and Mystics is published by Plaid Hat Games, and they have a decent online store that hosts several download only chapters of the game.  Incidentally, they also had several plushies available on their website for sale…but they only had two characters, neither of which were Filch.  She weepily laments (loudly, and often during gameplay) his absence to this day.  (Just want to take a moment to see if Plaid Hat Games could find it in their hearts to donate a Colin plush to this blog…I’d be ETERNALLY grateful…begging complete.)  Needless to say, I thought that manipulating her affinity for this character would be easy enough.
I’m presently at the phase of ferreting out the finer details of a scribble bomb that contains all of the broad strokes, and touch points.  I’m content with what I have so far, but I fear that making it “game compatible” will prove difficult.  The “when” and “where.”  “When can I shoehorn this in?”  “If I put this plot point at this particular area, will it make sense?”  What’s more, I wanted to present this story in 3 separate chapters (playthroughs.)  So, I’m wracked with this paralytic indecision on how to space everything out.  Above all, I wanna tell a halfway decent story, but I also want the gameplay to fun. *sigh* I have WAAAY more respect for Jerry Hawthorne after this (hopefully averted) debacle.
Tune in next time to see if I can pull my head out of my bum and actually get the plot done and get on to the meat and potatoes of this process, applied game mechanics…or tune in for my neurotic mental anguish to be on full display…your call, I wouldn’t presume to tell you how to spend your time online.
-The Husband
Thanks for checking this out everyone! Tune in next time for my anniversary plans! And until next time… Live by the board. – The Wife
-Living by the board

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