Drink of the Month: July 2017

Happy July board gamers!

Well, July 4th specifically. This month I’ve got your drink of the month to celebrate none other than American red-white-and-blue. Prepare yourself for one of the simplest and easiest drinks to make. It’s fairly tasty too.

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All American

I’m not gonna lie, I watched a bar make this drink a few times and decided to make it myself with a few adjustments and a name change. It’s a very popular drink at the table, but that’s because it includes a popsicle! Who doesn’t love popsicles? Especially red white and blue ones to celebrate America. Play some Ticket to Ride or other U-S-A themed games while sipping this guy down for your Fourth celebration.

What you’ll need:

Bombpop Popsicles (Firecrackers or store brand work too)

How to prep:

Fill cup with ice. 1-2 method of vodka around the cup. Fill cup with lemonade leaving a little room. Drop in a bombpop and let it melt while stirring with the popsicle.

What’s it taste like?: It’s going to taste like lemonade with some extra sugary flavors of the popsicle- which vary. The Bombpop has cherry, lime and blue raspberry flavors while the Firecracker has lemon instead of lime. Some store brands also have different flavors, but overall it’s got a lemony taste to it. If you use a lot of vodka, or a strong vodka, you’ll taste the alcohol too.

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Young American

The virgin version of the All American, the Young American, ditches the vodka but keeps the popsicle! It’s only fair that everyone gets to eat- or drink- a melted popsicle with some lemonade. Give it a little kick by adding lemon lime soda.

What you’ll need:

Bombpop Popsicles (Firecrackers or store brand work too)
(optional) Lemon Lime Soda
(optional) Grenadine

How to prep:

Fill cup with ice. Optional: Put some lemon lime soda and/or grenadine in the bottom to desired taste. Fill cup with lemonade leaving some room. Drop in a popsicle!

What’s it taste like?: Without the soda, you probably won’t taste much of a difference between this and the All American unless you use a strong vodka and/or really like the taste of vodka. With the soda it adds some extra lemon-lime flavor to it, and a little fizz. With the grenadine a little more flavor. It’s mostly going to be flavored lemonade no matter which way you look at it though.

Well that’s all for this month board gamers. If you’ve never made a mixed drink for your table, give it a go at your next meetup! And remember: drink responsibly, play to win and tip your bartender generously.


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