Tabletop Day 2016


Greetings All,

Something that I really wanted to write about last year was Tabletop Day 2016 (TTD). TTD means a great deal to my husband and I and I was super worried about participating last year because my son was only 2 months old. We ended up asking our friends if they were ok with his presence, it was great because everyone said they assumed he was coming anyway.

I suffer from anxiety and the idea of letting anyone watch the baby at that age was absolutely terrifying. I’ll go into some other anxiety board game relative information at a later date.

We planned this large get together with prizes and trophies. Everyone brought food and we had this great potluck situation. For some of our friends it was the first time they had met my son. Everyone was very attentive, it was great

The first half of the night I was so worried about the baby, taking breaks to feed and change him. We had his swing with us and he stayed in that while he slept. After a while our friends started catching on and they’d play with him or hold him while I took my turn in-game. It got to the point where it was like a conga line of babysitters, everyone took a turn watching the baby, everyone took a turn helping my do whatever needed done (I had a c-section and hadn’t fully recovered).

That TTD is my favorite thus far. I got to play games on a holiday that I adore and I got the chance to relax and learn trust people I call my friends. Watching everyone interacting with my son was nothing short of beautiful. No one had to volunteer to help, they were not even asked to help… they just did it. Our geeky family existed without board games, but it has been improved so much by the presence of board games.

I had a great time and that trust and comfort has carried over into our standard game nights. Every game night despite where it takes place, it is just expected and even looked forward to that my son will be present. It is an overwhelmingly wonderful feeling knowing that not only is everyone ok with game nights being stretched out and stressed with the presence of an excitable baby, but they are also ok with an anxiety riddled mom like me.
I look forward to telling all of you about how board games has improved my anxiety. Please feel free to contact me and tell me about your Tabletop Day. Thank you for reading and until next time… Live by the Board.


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