Board Game Party Fails

Greetings All,

I have to take a minute to freak out… I’ve experienced a lot of different board game party fails since I’ve been playing. I’ve had table flippers, sore losers, people who let their spouses win, card benders, and people who throw games pieces. I’ve even had players who are just jerks the entire game, but up until this past Monday I have NEVER had a game get ruined.

Let me just say that I have three kids, whom play frequently with us. They have some of the best tabletop manners I’ve ever seen. The adults we play with have worse tabletop manners. On Monday we were at a friends house playing some four player games, the other three players were drinking a wee bit… and BAM one them, the host knocks his cocktail over. Now my first reaction was to haul off and hit him, but you could tell he was upset with himself. He gave us the money to buy a new game and the expansion that was ruined. I am just so sad because this game is in my top 3 favorites and apparently is quite backed up on shipping right now so it’s going to be several weeks before I get my new games.

Alright I’ve kept you in suspense long enough… the destroyed game is: TAKENOKO. 😦 And the Chibi’s expansion. That hurt to even type. Anyhow now that I’ve “yelled” a wee bit, feel free to contact me with your stories of Board Game Party Fails. Until next time… Live by the Board.


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