Sentinels of the Multiverse – Base Set Characters pt1

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This is the start of my Sentinels of the Multiverse character series. Today is all about the Heroes of the base game. For those of you who are unfamiliar with SOTM, please refer to my prior post regarding the base set. Below you will find all base set heroes and mine and my husband’s opinions of them, as requested by several of you. 🙂

Sentinels of The Multiverse Base Set Characters by Greater Than Games

absolute zero

Absolute Zero – Complexity of 3. Similar to Mr. Freeze, whom you’d know from Batman.  His nemeses are Iron Legacy and The Proletariat. He is the most complex hero of the base set. You have to spend a lot of time building him up; if you do he can be quite formidable. (Building refers to adding equipment and ongoing cards to your cards in play; this allows characters to do a number of different powers and such.)


Bunker – Complexity of 2. Similar Iron Man.  His nemeses are Iron Legacy and Fright Train. He is a very heavy hitter and serves as the best and most simple tank in the base set.


Fanatic – Complexity of 2. Similar to Arch Angel, from X-Men. Her nemeses are Apostate and The Seer. She is a heavy hitter as well, although in her case she damages herself to cause such heavy damage to others. She really isn’t that complex, but if you’re not looking for a risky character she’s not for you.

Haka splash

Haka – Complexity of 1. Similar to The Hulk. His nemeses are Ambuscade and The Hippo. He is a very simple character and you can practically just throw his strength around to win the game. He can deal and take damage like no other character and he even heals himself a bit.


Legacy – Complexity of 1. Similar to Superman. His nemesis is Baron Blade. Legacy is fairly easy as well, his cards are straight forward, and quite the hero as well. He is only slightly less strong than Haka, but has the ability to build up his strength and be the strongest by the end of the game.

Ra splash

Ra – Complexity of 1. Similar to Marvels Thor. His nemeses are The Ennead and Calypso. Ra is simple and has the ability to deliver huge hits with his One Shot cards. He has a way to heal himself as well. My biggest complaint with Ra is that he is ALL fire damage; I mean he’s the Friggin’ God of the Sun.  So if somehow Fire Damage can be prevented… he’s almost useless. Other than that he is a great character. (There are multiple types of damage in the game, most heroes have more than one type in their repertoire.)


Tachyon – Complexity of 2. Similar to The Flash. Her nemeses are The Matriarch, Friction, and Iron Legacy. Tachyon has “Burst” cards that when discarded can be used for a beautiful effect, she literally has a card that allows you to damage someone for however many burst cards are in her trash. Although it takes a while to build up the numbers, it is so worth it. She is a very simple character to use.


Tempest – Complexity of 1. Resembles Aquaman. His nemeses are Grand Warlord Voss, Vyktor, and Iron Legacy. Again, a very simple character to play. He has tons of heavy hitting cards that allow you to hit multiple characters at once. He can also heal himself and other heroes.

the visionary

The Visionary – Complexity of 2. Similar to Jean Gray, from X-Men. Her nemeses are The Dreamer and Major Flay.  She is a great support character in that she has lots of cards and powers that benefit the whole group of heroes. For example she has cards that allow you to destroy those pesky environment cards and ongoing villain cards.

The Wraith

The Wraith – Complexity of 1. Similar to Batman. Her nemeses are Spite, Iron Legacy, and Ermine. She is difficult to inflict damage with, but she is also hard to damage. With luck of the draw you’ll get some cards that allow you to do decent damage. She is a great support character.

And for this last bit, I thought I’d just mention that from the base set my favorite character is Ra. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that he was my first hero or that I just love playing him, but regardless he is usually my go to despite the fact that I actually have had fire damage blocked rendering him useless. My husband’s favorite is Haka, because he can complement any strategy and is just all around a huge tank.

Thank you for reading next week I will post more about SOTM. If you liked this review and want to be kept up to date please follow my page and like me on Facebook. Until next time… Live by the Board.


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