My Slow Return

Greetings All,

So… I’ve been gone for three months. I apologize for my absence and I appreciate all of the encouraging emails I received during my break. As I mentioned back in June, I am pregnant. I’m expecting a little boy in January and pregnancy has not been kind to me thus far, but I’m starting to feel better.

I’ve been trying to figure out what game I should open up with for my return, but I have decided that instead of a game as my returning post, I’d post a few news points.

This year I am participating in Extra Life and I will be playing Video Games, Board Games, and RPGs all day November 7th 2015 in support of Childrens Hospital. I am including my personal fundraiser page so that you can check out all of the details and hopefully donate to the cause. My fundraising goal is $100. I also encourage you all to join the rest of us supporters in playing some games on November 7th. Feel free to comment or email me if you have any questions.

Also, Board Game Geek holds a Secret Santa every year with its users. Participants must spend $50 minimum on a game(s) for whomever you’re assigned, however, you will be assigned to someone as well. So it’s a neat little exchange. Check it out, Registration ends mid-November.

One more tiny mention… Todays Deal of the Day on Amazon is 20% off Cards Against Humanity.

Thank you for tuning back in and sticking with me through my absence. I will begin posting board game reviews and news again. I’m hoping for at least weekly postings. Thanks again and until next time… Live By The Board.


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