Sentinels of the Multiverse

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Today will be a rather long review of Sentinels of the Multiverse, courtesy of my husband. At the end I may say a thing or two, but I’m going to let him have fun with this. 🙂

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Sentinels of the Multiverse by Greater Than Games

Welcome, loyal readers, my poor wife has seen me fit to allow me to write YET ANOTHER review!!!  I’m here today to review a cooperative, superhero/comic book themed card game entitled: Sentinels of the Multiverse!

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room, i LOVE comic books.  My walls contain some dozen (or so) comic book posters and I wear a Green Lantern wedding band on my finger…I may have a fixation…THAT IS PERFECTLY NORMAL AND GROWN UP AND STOP JUDGING ME.  And, I may have a mild (PROFOUNDLY DEEP) affinity for cooperative games, see previous entries on this blog highlighting Castle Panic for insight into this.  So, naturally, combining the these two things would cause any random passerby to have a geekgasm (it’s totally a word, don’t sass me readers!)  Enough preamble, onto the game!

In the base copy of Sentinels of the Multiverse, you get several heroes, several villains, and several environments, all of which are represented by decks of cards.  Also contained in the package, are several baggies full of round and rectangular tokens (for tracking the health/status effects of heroes and villains), as well an awesome rulebook that contains rules (duh), complexity charts for heroes and villains, and comic book themed biographies for each of the heroes and villains in the game(excellent touch in presentation).  It all comes in a sturdy box, that is ready-made for expansions and add-ons to the base game.  The art, though not entirely my cup of tea, definitely evokes all the feelings it’s shooting for, super-heroic action! All in all, though not the greatest presentation ever, SotM is certainly upper tier.
Now, the gameplay, is fantastic.  This is where this game shines.   2 to 4 players select 1 hero character (with an awesome character card to track status ailments/enhancements and health) each, all based on famous comic book characters. (like a female version of the Flash named “Tachyon,” or a Superman analogue named “Legacy”) Each of these characters has a preset deck of cards that corresponds to that particular hero, usually with cards that compliment that hero’s power. For instance, Tachyon has super speed, so she generally hits many enemies, but for low damage. After everyone picks a character, you’ll all then pick an environment and a villain (with a character card similar to the hero’s) to battle against.  The environment is represented by a deck that can have an odd effect on generally the whole field (like increasing damage dealt to all parties by 1, or something similar) and that most of the time won’t be directly interacted with.  Now, the villains, can be difficult.  Each villain turn consists of drawing a card and resolving its effect, sounds simple, right? Well, the villain’s have an individual card that dictates special rules for playing with them.  For instance, playing with Baron Blade means that if he gets 15 or more cards in his discard pile that he can then pull the moon into the Earth and everyone dies…wait, what!? Did things just get real!?!?! Why yes, readers, it did!  Each turn, every character draws cards (from a starting hand of 4), uses “powers,” and plays cards. I’m not going to bore you with specifics, but suffice to say, there will be a full table discussion on how best to play every card.
Ultimately, this game’s “fun factor” will be based heavily upon your table mates. If you have some team players that want to support the collective, you’re definitely going to have more fun then if you have a lone gunman trying like hell to fell the villain all by his/her lonesome…usually because it’s at the expense of strategy and the well-being of the members of your team. So, if you have at least 1 friend that you can form an evil doer subdue team with, I HIGHLY recommend this game. Otherwise, maybe hold off on this one. Excelsior!!!
I hope everyone made it through that summary, it’s actually very good. So here goes my full-blown honesty that I agreed I’d share with you guys. I disliked Sentinels at first, I’m not very good at deck builders, and the villans were quite challenging. I’m not sure what happened, but about a month ago I started playing again and I love it. I love co-op games and this one lets me pretend to be a hero and use my powers not only to defeat the villan, but heal or protect my fellow heroes. It’s quite fun and I think it’s a fantastic family game. My children love playing. If I’m being honest though, I love playing alone with my husband. When we take down a villan it’s a shockingly awesome bonding experience. I would recommend this game and suggest you play it with a best friend or a spouse… unless you’re like me and your best friend is your spouse (cheesy right?). 🙂 If you liked this review and want to be kept up to date please follow my page and like me on Facebook. Until next time… Live by the Board.

Tiny Anouncement!

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I have a review for Sentinels of the Multiverse I’ll be posting tomorrow courtesy of my husband. This is probably a weird place to post this, but… I’m expecting a tiny little gamer! 🙂 Due to this wonderful gift my posts may be a little irregular, but I will try my best to keep up on my blog. I’m also hosting a demo night tomorrow night for King of Tokyo, so I’m sure I’ll have lots to say about that! 🙂 Thank you for your patience. Until next time… Live by the Board.