10% off Clearance Section at Miniature Market!

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Miniature Market is notorious for their great prices and the have a special going until this coming Sunday.m Go check out their clearance section and get an additional 10% off! I highly suggest checking out Fantasy, which I’ve reviewed on here before! Happy Hunting!

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Asmadi Games Rule!

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If you’ve read my blog then you’ve seen me reference a game called We Didn’t Playtest This At All. For those of you that haven’t read my blog or just need a mini refresher, keep reading or keep reading anyway because you’re an awesome audience.


We Didn’t Playtest This at All (1) & We Didn’t Playtest This Either (2) by Asmadi Games

2-10 players, 1-5 mins

Please note the number labels above 1 & 2.

#1 has been described in my blog twice I believe, it’s incredibly random, and that is what makes it so awesome. The title feels very real. Sometimes when the games ends, you truly believe that there is no way this was ever playtested. There are many instant win cards, rock paper scissor cards, guessing cards, etc. I mean the ways you can or lose at this game are endless. I was aware of the other games in the series and was always quite curious as to how they could have several more games and make them just as crazy and random as #1.

Well, I finally got to play #2, because Asmadi Games gave it to me for free! That’s right free! Interested now? Too bad! You’ve gotta keep reading to get the goods. 🙂 #2 is just as crazy, just as random, and just as unplaytested as #1. I could not be happier, you know it’s a good game when you get distracted and just start reading all of the cards. We played this game several times during the first sit down and not just because we were enjoying ourselves. I swear the game ended within seconds, several times in a row! I felt challenged and at that point was more focused on beating the game than beating the other players. This is one of those games that you could pick up without #1, but I highly suggest playing #1 first. It was fantastic seeing the progression. Tiny example: In #1 there is a card called Bomb that in #2 has become Balm. In #1 there are tons of number guessing cards, in #2 there are tons of color guessing games. It’s truly fantastic. See below for some card examples.


Now for the part you’ve all been waiting for. FREE FREAKIN’ GAMES! AHHHH!

Asmadi Games has a contact form in their About Us area on their site. All you have to do is tell them why they should give you games and if they like it, they’ll send you stuff! 🙂 Simple and to the point. They sent me We Didn’t Playtest This Either, Red7, and FlowerFall. I will post reviews of the other two games when I get a chance to play them. Enjoy!

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Mice & Mystics: Heart of Glorm

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Today my husband and I will be reviewing Mice & Mystics: Heart of Glorm, I asked him to co-write again because he LOVES Mice & Mystics, and let’s face it… he has a way with words. I will turn you over to him and then have a mini review of my own. Enjoy!

Mice & Mystics: Heart of Glorm, by Plaid Hat Games

1-4 players, 60-90 minutes



Hello, faithful readers!  In her infinite malice, my wife saw fit to subject you poor people to my presence again, so…let the bombarding commence!

Today I’ll be submitting a (mostly, hopefully) spoiler-free review of the second full expansion to Mice & Mystics, entitled: “Heart of Glorm.”

Let’s start with the real meat of the Mice & Mystics franchise, the
story. The story starts a short (unspecified) period of time after
the events of the first game, in the same setting as the first game
(Castle Andon), with (roughly) the same cast of characters from the
first game. This is a great thing, readers. It allows for fun
character/story development usually only contained in a novel, or an
RPG series. Some key characters have started to become battle
hardened, others have emotionally softened from their journey and
circumstances, it’s an interesting evolution. With your original
party of 6, you’ll have a new PC (playable character) to choose from,
her name is Nere’, and she is a different breed of mouse altogether!
All of your mice will be struggling against the villain of this
campaign, the eponymous “Glorm.”  To reveal hardly any of his story
would be ridonculously (enjoy, grammar nazis!) spoilery, so, I’ll
refrain. Suffice it to say, it stands up to the previous game in
terms of story quality, whilst not quite reaching the same heights.

Being that I covered primary gameplay mechanics my review of the base
game, I’m just going to omit the previously covered bits.  As for new
gameplay elements in this game, there aren’t TOO many to speak of.
The biggest addition you’ll receive is your new character: “Nere’.”
With her you’ll have a new combat class: “Wild.”  Being that Nere’
also possesses a “mystic” combat class, it provides an interesting new
slant of how to use magic.  Whereas your other mystic was used
(primarily) to inflict damage from afar, Nere’ can also be utilized to
increase her own stats for a more aggressive style of play.  Also
amongst the new mechanics are new equipment, new class abilities and
new opponents. I will say, some of the new enemies are FRUSTRATING to
say the least.  All in all, welcome additions gameplay, all around.

Last thing I want to touch on, is the quality of the whole package
itself.  I will, say the 2 miniatures that came with Heart of Glorm,
did not match the quality of the base game at all. They were somewhat
flimsy and felt very fragile when handled. However, the campaign book
in the game felt like a marked upgrade over the previous game.  It
felt like better quality paper, better binding, just better quality in
general. As for the box…don’t even get me started! Plaid Hat Games
has set a SERIOUS standard for shelf aesthetics (that is the most PG
way I can express that!)  The box is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS as is the art
inside!  I cannot applaud the art more, people.  Color me a fanboy.
but I’m fairly certain there is some manner of nigh deity working in
Plaid Hat Game’s art department.  Jus’ sayin’.

In conclusion, buy all of the Mice & Mystics products you can find.
Like, seriously. This expansion is more of the same, and that is
super awesome. It may not be as hearty as the first game, but it is a
welcome addition to the Mice and Mystics universe.  Now, please,
support this publisher and go out and purchase this game!

-End Husband-

Wow… I need to start reading his reviews before agreeing to write my own!

Anyhow, Heart of Glorm… is a wonderful story. While I do love the art and would be lying if I said Filch was not my phone background, the story is really the best part. Glorm, the “villain” of the story makes it difficult to win, but he touched my heart. All of the characters have beautiful backgrounds and Glorm is no different.

I put off playing the last chapter in the game for quite a while, because I did not want it to be over. When it was over, just wow. The story ended and it was beautiful. I cried. No joke, I really cried. With the story being such a huge part of the game play it is very difficult to disclose anything without ruining the whole thing for virgin players. This game creates a ridiculous emotional connection to its play and PCs. When you play, you’ll understand.

If you have never played a Mice & Mystics game, please go out and get the first one. If you have I’d love to hear from you about your reactions to the game/story. I will be back in a few days with a mini review of the second Lost Chapter. I hope you enjoyed this review.

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Catching Up!

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Holy cow, I have a lot to catch up on this! It has been a busy month!!! I am so sorry, I’ve been neglecting this blog. I will fix it. 🙂

We have finished Mice & Mystics: Heart of Glorm and the second lost chapter. I promise we will post as soon as we can. Like last time, I will have my husband co-write on Mice & Mystics.

We got the Eriku promo for Tokaido, It’s not very good. We will go into detail when we get to post a review about Tokaido. Tokaido by the way is freaking awesome.

Let’s see… what else…? TABLETOP DAY! I had a blast for Tabletop Day! There were tons of snacks and some adult beverages. We played quite a few games and ended up using a points system similar to Mario Kart. I made two wood burned plaques with blank name areas. One was the winners plaque with scrabble letters and other game relative things, the other was “The Sack-o” which is a reference to the TV show The League. At the end of the night I ended up being the 2015 champ. 🙂 It was awesome. I hope you guys had fun.

Thanks for reading and until next time… Live by the Board.