Mice and Mystics – Lost Chapter One: Cat’s Cradle

Greetings All,

This is going to be a micro review, if I go too in-depth it will spoil much of the story.


Mice and Mystics currently has two Lost Chapters available for download on the Plaid Hat Games site for $0.99 each. The cool thing about these downloads is that they come with the game components as well. You can literally print and play, unless you’re picky like I am. I laminated my gaming components.


-Lost Chapter One: Cat’s Cradle by Plaid Hat Games-

Lost Chapter One: Cat’s Cradle serves as a very nice transitional story between Book One: Sorrow and Remembrance and Book Two: Heart of Glorm. This chapter introduces a new character named Crumbles, who comes with his very own character token and initiative card. Crumbles happens to be a very cute and tiny toddler mouse who is determined to make you pull your hair out.

Crumbles initiative card is always number 1 on the track and at all times Crumbles must have cheese on his card, he loses cheese via damage. As always if the hourglass marker reaches the chapter end marker you lose the game, however, now you also have to keep Crumbles stocked with cheese or you lose the game.

The story starts with the little mousling Crumbles having gone missing as he follows a strange source of music. The point of the game is to rescue Crumbles and discover/stop the music. I will not reveal the source of the music, but Crumbles will always move the fastest route towards the music. The thing that I love about this chapter besides the fact that it is a beautiful introduction to Heart of Glorm, is that you really get the feel of what it’s like to have a stubborn toddler mouse to chase down. Many times I felt like telling Crumbles that he was in fact raised better than this, but being part of a group of mice that have been on a crazy dangerous adventure… perhaps I’m not the one that should be telling him that.

This is definitely something everyone should play before moving on to Heart of Glorm. There is also a new minion that is introduced in this chapter called Mindless Rats, while they do not outright harm you, they are still a pain in the rear end and take forever to defeat, I suggest you go find out for yourselves.

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