Thank you!!!

Greetings All,

I received so many nice private messages about my last post: How board games saved my sanity. I was asked several questions. One question was why the specific board games I mentioned were so helpful to me. Another was if board games had helped in any other aspect of my life. I was also asked to feature Ticket to Ride, so that those of you that haven’t been lucky enough to play it can become more familiar with it.

I told these people I would answer their questions. So consider this message a friendly reminder to come back tomorrow for why I chose Ticket to Ride and Castle Panic as the games the helped my family. I will also put up a post regarding other ways board games have helped me the following day!

Thank you so much for your support and I am so happy to hear that board games have helped all of you as well. It means a lot to me that people are starting to open up and contact me with their stories. I love reading them and I hope you will share your stories with others… perhaps if we all pitch in we can help to make board games a more common way to help people in their times of need. Thank you! Until next time… Live by the Board.


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