Board Game Contests

Greetings All,

Just a short post today. I am going to start making mini posts whenever a board game contest comes up or a fantastic deal. That said, in case I haven’t mentioned this before. Be sure to subscribe to the Miniature Market newsletter, they always have a Deal of the Day. 🙂 is having a 2015 Challenge. There is the normal challenge and the hardcore challenge. We are doing the hardcore challenge. You should really check it out. Essentially, you play ten games ten times each throughout 2015 for the chance to win some board games and geek gold. When we officially choose the games that we will be playing, I’ll let you guys know.

Passport Game Studios is having a contest tomorrow to win one of their three new games!

Also you should check out this cute parody of Do you want to build a snowman? Entitled Do You Want to Play a Board Game?

I hope every enters the contests, nothing beats free stuff! I’ll post again soon regarding the subject of Hospital Gaming! Thank you for looking and until next time… Live by the Board.


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