Castle Panic Solo Mission Day: 2 (of 3)

Greetings All,

Today I tried playing Castle Panic and it’s expansion The Wizard’s Tower alone. As I said yesterday, for those of you unfamiliar with my blog or Castle Panic, I suggest looking back at my earliest post regarding Castle Panic. Also if you have not yet read Castle Panic Solo Mission Day: 1 (of 3), please go check it out.


-Castle Panic w/ The Wizard’s Tower: 61 Monster Tokens (18 Imps, not in constant use), 3 Mega Boss Monsters (set up from the rule book)-

I just have to start off by saying this play through massively disturbed me, as it was so difficult. The Wizard’s Tower comes with a nifty deck of cards that are just… beautiful… Often times my crew has been saved because of a lucky draw from the Wizard’s Deck, being that there are multiple cards that can harm several monsters at once. Now don’t get comfortable thinking the Wizard’s deck will make your life easier, because it was given to you to counteract all of the horrible monsters that come with The Wizard’s Tower expansion.

Some of you may remember me talking about my Mega Boss Monster induced PTSD in my first Castle Panic Post. Playing a solo mission with Mega Boss Monsters will put a whole new level on your PTSD. I can honestly say that had I not already started this three-day project I may have backed out of completing day threes game/post. Even playing with multiple people, Mega Boss Monsters can be a challenge. I mean you have monsters that breathe fire, summon other monsters, bring back monsters, monsters that take trading in cards out, and even monsters that are not affected by Wizard Cards!

Anyway, the game lasted me forty minutes, that’s twice as long as my first solo campaign, AND I lost my Wizard’s Tower twenty-five minutes in. When you lose The Wizard’s Tower, you can no longer access the Wizard Cards. Needless to say, I lost the game…
The game ended with three monsters in my castle ring, when monsters are in your castle ring you can only hit them with specific cards and those are few and far between.

The Gargoyle (whom you can only hit with an Archer) took out my last tower and still had 1HP left. I also had monster with 1HP that was on fire and a monster with 3HP in the castle ring. On the board itself I had two monsters in my Red Swordsman ring, one with 1HP and one with 2HP. I also had a Mega Boss Monster on the board with 3HP, which is why in the picture you can see so many flames. The Chimera (Mega Boss) breathes fire every time it moves. I had two walls left both had flame tokens on them, one was fortified. You can see the picture below.


My opinion…? I would have been more sore about losing had I not at least finished off drawing monsters, but since I did, I suppose it’s a miracle that I made it as far as I did. If you learn anything from this post let it be this: PROTECT THE WIZARD’S TOWER AT ALL COST. If I were able to keep my Wizard’s Tower I truly think I could have conquered the monsters.

If you are interested the best pricing is over at Miniature Market. You should also check out Castle Panic and The Wizard’s Tower expansion on the Fireside games website for more information, including reviews and promotional items.

Please do not let my horrible loss discourage you from trying the game. I had fun, but it definitely upset me that I lost. You know what though? I am more determined than every to win now. 🙂 I’ll be back tomorrow with Castle Panic Solo Mission Day: 3 (of 3). Thank you for reading and until next time… Live by the Board.


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