Day 3 (of 3): Love Letter and my 10 year old daughter! :)

Greetings All,

Today is the last day in my three-day segment about my children and their favorite board games.

-Love Letter Seiji Kanai-

2-4 players (we’ve played with 5), 5-20 mins

love letter kanai

Above you can see Love Letter Kanai Factory Limited Edition and all of its components. While there are many other editions this is the one we have and so it shall be the one featured. My daughter is 10 years old.

Me: What is your favorite board game?

Daughter10: Love Letter!!!!

Me: If Love Letter was a story, what would it be?

Daughter10: There was a Princess and she was about to choose her Prince. There were many to choose, so they fought for her. She fell for the winner and liked the Love Letters he sent her.

Me: Can you give me a short summary of the rules?

Daughter10: Everyone draws one card and on your turn you draw another. Use one card with its ability. Then it goes to the next player, you need four points to win. It’s a lot like the game war, but more romantic. 🙂

Me: Who do you think this game is for?

Daughter10: Anyone who’s feeling romantic, like people in love or wanting to be in love.

Me: Why is Love Letter your favorite game?

Daughter10: I love romantic things! 

Me: Why should people buy/try Love Letter?

Daughter10: It brings people closer together.

Miniature Market has by far the best deal and the ability to preorder! 🙂

You can also check out the AEG website for more information about the different editions.

You can see a good review on The Dice Tower and a great play through from Tabletop (live stream)!

I hope you enjoyed my daughters take on Love Letter! As you know, this is the last day of my three-day segment. So this is what I’ve learned: My youngest daughter is adorably naive when it comes to competitive games, my son is… a typical 13-year-old, and my oldest daughter is very “romantic” as she’d put it.

Yesterday I put up a poll regarding what game my daughter would pick. Here are the results: 31% Clue, 5% Dixit, 12% Life, and 52% Love Letter! Congratulations to those of you that picked Love Letter, based on the fact that over half of you guessed it, I’m assuming you have adorable kids of your own! If you liked this review and want to be kept up to date please follow my page and like me on Facebook. Until next time… Live by the Board.


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