Castle Panic!

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One of my favorite games is Castle Panic from Fireside Games, it is a cooperative Tower Defense board game that is 1-6 players. I won’t include the rules in this post, however, I will include a link to the site where you can see the rules, prices, and several reviews. There are tons of promo items and merchandise. I will, however, give you a short go through. I strongly suggest you take a peak at the website and the short rules before  continuing this post, unless of course you are awesome and have played before. They have one expansion out and one coming out in Spring 2015. The games, expansions, promos, and merchandise can all be seen here:

Castle Panic

You are protecting your castle as monsters are surrounding your towers. Players use cards to defeat these monsters, the great thing about it is that you can trade cards with each other in order to meet your goal and keep you castle safe. There are six walls and six towers, if you lose all of your towers you lose. Now although you can play alone… I wouldn’t. It’s nice to have that game you can do on your own when you’re in the mood, but if you play alone it takes so much away from the game.

This game is so beautiful because you work with people. The feeling of looking several steps ahead and watching your plan come together is fantastic! Even if your plan gets messed up, it’s still fun thinking you almost had it and making sure that next time you’ll get it. The determination is intoxicating. I can honestly say games like this are rare. I love competitive games, but this game… is wonderful. Nothing beats defeating all of the monsters and high-fiving someone so hard that your hand is killing you afterwards.

My kids love Castle Panic, probably because it’s a game where they don’t have to compete against mom and dad. This game is one that works great for families, sometimes kids can be a little stubborn, but I think at one point or another all of us has tried to take on the board with no help. 🙂 It’s great when I’m getting ready to make a move and one of my kids stop me to point out something I might have missed otherwise. We’ve even gotten into the habit of repeating “no whammies” every time we draw a monster! I feel much closer to my family when we are all gathered around a board, holding our breath every time we make a move… and in the end, when we’ve beaten the game we always sit back and take 30 mins to watch a short tv show that we’ve all seen a thousand times. It just feels like you need that reward and relaxation. 🙂

My husband and I play often and we’ve gotten so good at Castle Panic that our moves are darn near robotic. We play the expansion for Castle Panic called The Wizard’s Tower as well. You need Castle Panic in order to play The Wizard’s Tower. When you play The Wizard’s Tower, you are supposed to take out 22 of the 49 monster tokens from the original game and there are six “Mega Boss Monsters” that you blindly choose three of to play with. Not including the six “Mega Monsters” there are 25 monster tokens in The Wizard’s Tower, there are actually 43 monster tokens, but 18 of those are “Imps” and are only used when you draw certain monster tokens or when you have certain Mega Boss Monsters, they are not in constant use. We progressed to the point that we stopped taking any of the monsters out, we’d play with all of the monsters and three of the “Mega Boss Monsters”. Last weekend we decided that we needed a challenge, we put all six “Mega Monsters” in. That means we played with every single monster from both games. Let me just put this in better perspective, here are how may monsters are in each of our steps towards awesomeness…

  1. Castle Panic: 49 Monster Tokens (set up from the rule book)
  2. Castle Panic w/ The Wizard’s Tower: 61 Monster Tokens (18 Imps, not in constant use), 3 Mega Boss Monsters (set up from the rule book)
  3. Castle Panic w/ The Wizard’s Tower: 74 Monster Tokens (18 Imps, not in constant use), 3 Mega Boss Monsters (we needed a challenge)
  4. Castle Panic w/ The Wizard’s Tower: 74 Monster Tokens (18 Imps, not in constant use), 6 Mega Boss Monsters.

Now for those of you that have never played Castle Panic The Wizard’s Tower, #4 might not seem impressive considering the only difference between #3 & #4 is 3 Mega Boss Monsters, BUT you could not be more wrong. Mega Boss Monsters are awful… so awful. The make horrible things happen! Ok, getting carried away on some Castle Panic Mega Boss Monster induced PTSD. What I wanted to say was, we beat it. That’s it, my husband and I beat it. In the end we had all six towers, all six walls, no flames, and two walls fortified. I’d be lying if I said I did not feel like a god by the end of the game.

So to end this little rant of mine, Castle Panic is amazing. If you want a game that makes you remember just how much you love you friends and family, a game that shows you that you can in fact “protect your castle”… please go play Castle Panic. After you play come back and tell me just how awesome you felt working as one to defeat the monsters. If you liked this review and want to be kept up to date please follow my page and like me on Facebook. Until next time… Live by the Board.


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