My Geektastic Anniversary

Greetings All,

Today is my two-year wedding anniversary and it featured many geeky things. I got my husband a deck of personalized cards, as mentioned in the last blog post. It was a standard deck of 52 that had pictures of us, our three kids, and our ferret. I also got him a personalized Chrono Trigger clock and a canvas printed Iron Man comic cover. I even made him a Pokemon card with references to Guardians of the Galaxy and Bob’s Burgers.


All I wanted to do was play Ticket to Ride with the 1910 expansion while listening to the Awesome Mix from Guardians of the Galaxy. We played on Sunday because we feared we wouldn’t have enough time to do so today, but to my very happy surprise we were able to play today as well and my kids joined us! Yesterday I ran out to the store and when I came back my husband was sitting at the table with Ticket to Ride and the music ready to play. There is nothing better than forgetting it’s your turn because you are busy singing or busy staring at your spouse because they’re singing.

My point is that board games have brought my family together and has given us so much joy that it feels wrong to not celebrate special days without playing a board game or two. There have been times when I’ve literally set the table with candles and laid out a board game with dinner. It may sound cheesy, but that game brings us very close. I love thrill of competing with my spouse and the comfort of knowing that no matter who wins, there’s going to be a rematch.

If you want something to do that is a constant reminder that you married your best friend… board games are the way to go, I just happen to be partial to Ticket to Ride.

Here are links to the previously mentioned items. I hope you enjoy.

Personalized Playing Cards:

Personalized Clocks:

Personalized Pokemon Cards:

Ticket to Ride:

Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix:

Thank you for looking! Until next time… Live by the Board.


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